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"Ordinary Phoenix"
A Play By Kellee Van Aken
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Left to Right: David Hugar, Kirsten Quinn

'Send my regards to Dr. Rascher at...'  'Dachau, sir...'

Erich: 'We go where we are needed...'
Zander Teller as Mr. Van Eyck: 'Is that what you call it?...'

1945 - Dora: 'We'll go to my mother's in Bonn. Once you're dead, come meet us there...'

'Going my way?...'

Stage Production Crew/Design:
Scenic Design:  Mark Hanneman
Costume Design:  Venise St. Pierre
Lighting Design:  Gregg Cook
Video Design:  Amy Wilson
Assistant Director:  Jennifer Shutterly
Stage Manager:  Hillary Cook

Himmler's suicide
Jeffrey Carpenter as Erich Sichermann (now 'Emil Schmidt')

1946: 'Emil Schmidt' enrolls at the University
'Emil Schmidt' reunited with his daughter, Anna (Kirsten Quinn)

The Ghost of Himmler: 'Everyone under the microscope...'
The 'Schmidt' family celebrates - Left to Right: Bryn Jameson, Jeffrey Carpenter, Kirsten Quinn

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