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"Ordinary Phoenix"
A Play By Kellee Van Aken
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'Lebensraum, Lebensraum, Give us room...'
'You're the only man I ever met who made my world spin...'

T.C. Brown as Heinrich Himmler

Left to Right: T.C. Brown, Jeffrey Carpenter

Jeffrey Carpenter: 'Pleased to meet you...'
Kirsten Quinn as Marga Himmler: 'Pleased, yes...'

The Players:
Jeffrey Carpenter, Bryn Jameson,
Erica Olden, T.C. Brown, Zander Teller,
Kirsten Quinn, Brian Czarniecki, David Hugar

'Heil Hitler!'
'I can keep up...'

'I just have to establish order...'

'Paper is the curse of scholars...'

Left to Right: Brian Czarniecki, Jeffrey Carpenter

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