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"Ordinary Phoenix"
A Play By Kellee Van Aken
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'Everyone makes their choices... We agreed it was necessary...'
Sophie: 'You wanted to erase history and write a new one.  That's what you do, isn't it...'

'You'll like it here. We've found it's a very comfortable place for us...'

'Smooth Sailing' - Left to Right: Jeffrey Carpenter, Brian Czarniecki

1975 - 'We know who we are as Germans today...'
'The legacy of the past is no longer adequate to the crisis of our time...'

"Noble Should Man Be, Helpful And Good!
For That Alone Distinguishes Him From All The Beings
That We Know Of..." - Goethe

1990 - Dora: 'I wan't sure the world could forgive us.' Erich: 'They're nations, not your relatives...

Left to Right: Brian Czarniecki, David Hugar, Kirsten Quinn
'Germany and Berlin: What belongs together now grows together...'

'Only man can do the impossible: He makes distinctions, Chooses and judges...'
Left to Right: Jeffrey Carpenter, T.C. Brown

Video Crew:
Director/Camera:  Mark Whitehead
Assistant Director:  John Evans
Assistant Director:  Carolina Loyola
Sound:  Fred Ferly

Off-Hollywood Productions: Digital Video Production

There's No Place Like Home...